• Our Family Caring for Yours

    Our goal is to set the benchmark for professional excellence and commitment to the residents and families we serve. Our Angel Care Program is an essential part of achieving that goal.

    The Angel Care Program focuses extra attention on our residents and their family members. The goal is simple – to meet the special needs of the people we care for every day.

    Your Angel
    An Angel is a special member of our staff who will be an advocate for patients, residents and family members during their stay with us.

    Role of the Angel
    The Angel and patient or resident will visit on a regular basis.  While we strive to provide the best care possible, sometimes the extra attention increases our ability to add value to the care we provide. If you need to contact your Angel, notify a staff member and they will assist you.

    During meetings with residents, Angels will discuss any concerns and alert appropriate members of our team and assure that follow-up takes place. The Angel will also communicate with family members on a regular basis.

    Benefits of the Angel Care Program
    Our patients, residents and family members expect and deserve a high level of care and service. As the Angel and resident form a special friendship, our commitment to our residents and family members is enhanced.

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